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2020 Auckland, New Zealand TBA Annual Meeting

Slide Intro – Auckland, New Zealand

2019 Delhi, India Nov 13-16 Annual Meeting

2018 Busan, Korea Nov 3-6 Annual Meeting

Addiction Medicine: from Past to Future

ISAM 2018 Busan

2017 Abu Dhabi, UAE Oct 26-29 Annual Meeting

“Addiction Medicine -New Frontier”

2016 Montreal, Canada Oct 20-23 Annual Meeting

“An International Collaboration In Addiction Medicine”

2015 Dundee, Scotland Oct 5-8 Annual Meeting

“Addiction: from Biology to Recovery”

2014 Yokohama, Japan Oct 2-6 Annual Meeting

“Addiction: Issues for the Next Decade”

2013 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Nov 21-23 Annual Meeting“Managing Addiction through Evidence-based Medical and Psychosocial Interventions”
2012 Geneva, Switzerland Oct 15-18 Annual Meeting

“Treatment Systems: Asserting the future”

2011 Oslo, Norway Sept 6-10 Annual Meeting

“Addiction: Science-Politics-Realities”

2010 Milan, Italy Oct 4-7 Annual Meeting

“Bridging the Gap between Science and Practice in the Addiction Medicine Field”

2009 Calgary, Canada Sept 23-26 Annual Meeting

“Celebrating the Past…Shaping the Future”

2008 Capetown, South Africa Nov 17-20 Annual Meeting

“Understanding Addictions, Providing Comprehensive Care”

2007 Cairo, Egypt Oct 22-25 Annual Meeting

“Addiction Medicine: Current Advances & Future Directions”

2006 Oporto, Portugal Sept 26-30 Annual Meeting

“A World of Drug – A Universe of Therapies”

2005 Mar del Plata, Argentina April 21-24 Annual Meeting

“Global Alliance on Addictions and Personality Disorders”

Buenos Aires, Argentina April 19-20 Satellite Symposium
2004 Helsinki,Finland June 2-5 Annual Meeting

“Adolescent Substance Abuse and New Treatments for Substance Abuse”

St. Petersburg, Russia June 7-8 Satellite Symposium
2003 Amsterdam, Holland Sept 25-27 Annual Meeting 

“Etiology and Treatment of Addiction: A Biomedical Approach”

2002 Reykjavik, Iceland Oct 2-5 Annual Meeting

“Addiction Medicine”

2001 Tel Aviv, Israel Sept 7-11 Satellite Symposium
Trieste, Italy Sept 12-14 Annual Meeting

“Addictions: Sharing International Responsibilities in a Changing World”

Ljubljana, Slovenia Sept 15 Satellite Symposium
2000 Jerusalem, Israel Postponed Annual Meeting

“Challenges and Opportunities for a New Millennium”

Cairo, Egypt Nov 11-12 Satellite Symposium

“Recent Advances in Addiction Medicine”

1999 Palm Springs, USA April 24-26 Inaugural meeting